Ricette – Page 2 – Le Stagioni d'Italia
14 May 2020

Mediterranean Farfalle

It’s a cold pasta salad served with chopped tomatoes, boiled chickpeas, black olives, basil.
13 May 2020

Whole Wheat Spaghetti Nest, Cuttlefish, Peas and Mint leaves

With the arrival of the heat and the beautiful days, we have designed a fresh and light recipe […]
23 April 2020

Fusilli Cappelli Varietà with Zucchini Cream with Basil and Crunchy Pistachios

Long sunny days give energy and vitality by bringing fresh flavors and crunchy textures to the table.
25 February 2020

Senatore Cappelli Penne Rigate 
with Creamed Potatoes

This month I have created a recipe for you that celebrates the union of land and sea. A […]
6 November 2019

Land and sea linguine

This dish incorporates the wealth all around us, chickpeas symbolising the land, together with clams and mussels signifying […]
30 October 2019

Crocchette with aromatic pesto and pumpkin cream

Beans and chickpeas are highly appreciated healthy ingredients that add taste and energy to our dishes. They’ve always […]