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Eggs are crucial for our diet because they are rich in important nutrients and the basis of many recipes. It is important to pay the utmost attention to quality when it comes to choosing eggs.

Le Stagioni d'Italia eggs are fresh, authentic and sustainable.
They are in fact laid in Piedmont by free-range hens, which roam in large and clean spaces.
Animal welfare comes first to guarantee the quality of our eggs and laying hens. They are born and raised in Italy and fed exclusively with Italian corn.
Our constant commitment to climate protection makes our production sustainable.

The production of eggs is indeed energy self-sufficient, we adopted good hygiene practices, and our packaging is eco-sustainable.
We are the first in Italy to distribute eggs in CLIMATE NEUTRAL certified packaging.
Choosing Le Stagioni d'Italia fresh eggs means having excellent quality eggs that are good for us and the Planet.

The farm has two breeds of hens which provide different eggshell colours. Two shells, two proposals for you. Discover our range.

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