Frozen Pizzas | Le Stagioni d'Italia



Two products made with ancient Italian Senatore Cappelli wheat are a true novelty in the frozen pizza market.

A prized variety, which can be found in our pasta range. It has a strong taste and distinctive organoleptic and nutritional qualities, which have been proven also by scientific studies.

The semolina is processed in our mills in Jolanda di Savoia and Cremona. The Jolanda di Savoia mill is a little gem that grinds by stone, as in the past. By combining these ancient techniques with state-of-the-art equipment, we can preserve the unique features of this precious raw material.

The dough undergoes a 24-hour slow and natural rising, mozzarella pearls melt with the fragrant dough and the taste of the Italian tomato, picked and processed fresh to maintain the flavour of the pulp and sauce.

The finishing touch to this triumph of ingredients is the baking on stone in a wood-fired oven. A unique pizza that can be enjoyed on its own or topped to your liking.